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Second Amendment



Christian, Republican or both?

Christmacide: The Autopsy of a Dying Holiday

Considering evil is not a moral choice
Conservatives shrugged

The Cuomo excuse

A movie about sacrifice and duty shames our modern attitudes

More important than politics

No need to fear informed consent

Where is Freedom



Scrooge Elementary

SOL's Smart, Schools Dumb?


Something is rotten in the county of Culpeper


A politician who cares


Book Review:  Religion and Capitalism, Allies, Not Enemies

Compassionate Conservatives

Fixing a healthcare problem or creating one?     

The Florida Fracas

Former delegate mislabeled

The Gore Song


Here comes the judge

How did so many people lose their logic?

It's time for Republicans to become conservative again

Keyes understands conservatism

The law is what the judges say it is

Never count your vote out

Official government worship

Photos:  Supreme Court Rally for George Bush

Poverty guidelines were not intended to become the official government measurement of poverty

Presidential Debates

Presumption of innocence

The primary charade in Virginia

Private property is an essential right

Restore justice in the park

Signs of the times

Targets of the left

Throwing stones at a fool

Time to end the drug war?

Vote 1002

Whose man were you, Al Gore?

The Wooden Clone


Evolution - Science or Religion?

Junk science loses influence

The past seven years

Politically correct propaganda is not supported by evidence

 Second Amendment

Liberalism spreads violence

Only the absurd is acceptable

Upstairs Window

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