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Archives    Volume 1  No. 10          December 2000

In this issue:
The law is what the judges say it is
The Florida Fracas
The Gore Song
Signs of the times
Photos:  Supreme Court Rally for George Bush
 Christmacide: The Autopsy of a Dying Holiday
 Scrooge Elementary

 The law is what the judges say it is
Even if George W. Bush is declared winner of the Presidency, our constitutional crisis cannot be resolved unless he also "re-inaugurates" the rule of law.  Without law we have only a succession of mobs ruling over us.  And it will only get worse unless Bush takes quick and decisive action.

Bush has nothing to lose.  Already "crippled" by the bloody vote stealing battle visited on us by the democrats, it has already been said by friend and foe alike that with such a "razor thin" majority and a late start forming his transition team (caused by democrats preventing him the money and office space normally provided) he can be little more than a caretaker president - lacking neither a mandate to lead nor any "real" legitimacy itself.

But what better way for Bush to create a mandate (and a legacy for himself to boot) than to tackle the publicly obvious and prime cause of our present disorder- the democrats themselves.  To be more specific, a democrat controlled runaway judiciary that is busy amending the Constitution even as it tries to hand the election to Al Gore -  can be Bush's best friend.

Right now George W. Bush has been handed by the Democrats the opportunity to hold up to public ridicule their own behavior - and to offer the solution to the public's current great concern.  We have all seen on TV many pictures of democrat election judges holding up perforated ballots - ascertaining still more "votes" for Al Gore.  These show democrats at their worst, stealing votes.  No amount of media spin can hide it.  Bush should call an immediate press release with Robert Bork at his side.   Bush can hold up one of these pictures and say,

"This is judge abuse.  Is this the sort of rule you want?  My fellow Americans, this is mob rule!   Look, it matters less to me whether or not I am put into the White House than that this judge abuse be stopped! I am here.  The Constitution says I have been elected President.  I can help.  They won't.  I have selected a judicial review commission, staffed by strict constitutional constructionists, and headed by Robert Bork, to make recommendations to the Congress on how it can reign in
the runaway Federal court system in America and prevent the democrat appointed judges from ever stealing another election."

Oh, how the liberals would hate that!

Only Congress has the power under the Constitution to curb the courts but Congress has failed.  Closely divided or not, Republicans have proven they lack the will.  Bush can shame them into action.

Only the Supreme Court is established by the Constitution and only a narrow jurisdiction given it.  The Congress was given the power to create such "inferior" courts as they saw fit.  What they can create they can abolish.  Courts could then be recreated in any fashion the Congress deems fit today.

New standards can be set for judges with term limits and a strengthening of the language covering impeachment.  Already a judge's history of blatant violation of the Constitution is implicitly an impeachable offense.  Congress can make it explicit.

The President can turn his Justice Department, headed by Larry Klayman, to the task of investigating and recommending judges for impeachment.  In the meantime their budgets can be cut as Congress can then redirect most cases back to the states where they belong.  Much of the growth in size of the federal courts is due to the "federalizing" many cases that traditionally were handled in the respective states.  Thus inspired, the states can start the process of reforming their own courts.

Until this century the idea of the rule of law as uniform, unchanging and above politics was the standard measure for all statutes and controversies at bar.  Now it is the attitude expressed in Justice Holme's infamous dictum, "the law is what the judges say it is."  And thus the law can be changed at the whim of the judges to fit the prevailing power interest.  In other words, the law is no law anymore, but only an expression of political power from the bench.  Our judicial reform commission will therefore recommend that law schools return to teaching the law as transcendent and based in higher principles than politics - such as the Natural Law.

Since Franklin D. Roosevelt's Great Depression the courts have been usurping authority and stepping all over the Constitution - taking power that legitimately belongs only to Congress to write laws and even amend the Constitution.  Congress, for the most part, has either joined with them or been bought off.  For some milepost court decisions in this power grab I refer you to "Courting Justice, A Guide to Judicial Reform" by Virginia
Armstrong, Thomas Jipping, and Janet LaRue, published July, 2000 by the Free Congress Foundation.  They chronicle several important cases in which the courts, as the central agent for change by the Left not only create law but also have attempted to define the meaning of reality and of human life.  They are not only failures at this as their confused decisions show, but are destroying republican self-government.

The modern conservative movement arose in the second half of the Twentieth Century in response to the Leftist Invasion, but up to now has been mostly an intellectual movement that has spurred much success in reshaping the argument over the future of America.  As a practical agent for change it has failed; all thoughtful appeals to law and order- a return to our great Constitution - have been in vain.  Lacking the power needed, and not even being able to reach the hearts and minds of our "friends" on Capitol Hill and elsewhere - public demonstrations may be the only tools left unless President Bush can pull a Ronald Reagan - and lead.

Not merely an argument over which is the best way to government, this is about survival as a constitutional republic.  Once civil discourse and the rule of law are lost, then only "force and fraud" are left.  This is really a "religious" war over two incompatible systems, liberty versus totalitarianism.  Modern liberalism, fueled by hatred for man and his highest aspirations, is anti-God, anti-human life, and thoroughly destructive of all authority and order - other than itself.  It must be defeated - utterly.  As Alan Keyes has pointed out in his current WorldNetDaily column, we are peering over a precipice of lawlessness from which we may not be able to escape unless we quickly reinstitute constitutional government.  And it must begin with the judges.

Michael H. Smith

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The Florida Fracas

J. Dori Callahan

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 The Gore Song
Your cheatin' heart
Is vile and cheap
Election fraud
Makes good folks weep
You want to win
At any price
We're telling you
That just ain't nice.

When votes come in
That cause you pain
You tell your hacks
To count again
You man the phones
The whole night through
To steal some votes
To pull you through.

Unknown poet at Supreme Court Rally

 Signs of the times
Fuzzy Numbers in Florida are choosing our President
The Big Lie
Count        (4x)
Every      (Democrat)
Vote          (but the military's)
Is there anyway we can give Florida back to Spain?
Our military takes bullets for us
We should take ballots from them.
Joe, I'm here on my own -
No calls from Rev. Jackson, Union bosses or telemarketers
Al Gore, The man who would be King . . .
. . . of Litigation, Telemarketers and Dimples
Al, We're sorry you don't like our rhetoric
We don't like your cheating
Give it up, Al
The fat lady is singing the Yellow Rose of Texas
We won't be had by a chad
Al Gore - Get out of Cheney's house!
"IS" means it "IS" OVER!
Gore hasn't conceded because he's conceited
Bush is a Winner
Gore is a Whiner
Kiss my chads
Al Gore, let my country go
Gore "reinvented" government; Next - Democracy
Al Gore has No controlling moral authority
Florida Democrats treat felons better than military personnel
Al Gore - Commander-in-Thief
                              Seen at the Supreme Court Rally     
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