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Archives                    Volume 1  No. 2               April 2000

In this issue:

     Politically correct propaganda is not supported by evidence

     Follow the money

     Thought for the day

 Politically correct propaganda is not supported by evidence

Few people would deny that we face many problems in our nation today.  We have degenerated from a once world leader in all the finer attributes of a civilized society to a world leader in the immoralities of abortion, divorce, drug use, crime, teen age suicide, homosexual preferences etc.  Many try to blame something different for each separate problem, but the core underlying cause is the same for all.

We have turned our back on God and the prime mover in this defection is the acceptance of evolution.  Everyone knows, according to the "politically correct" , that we started by accident from a single cell creature in a mud pond millions of years ago and evolved up through the apes to our present animal state.

Most Christians are not aware that the concept of evolution was started and is perpetuated by atheists.  Consider that Stephen Jay Gould, the leading intellectual author and spokesman for evolution stated "we know evolution is true because we are here".  Obviously an acceptable statement only to an atheist.  And it may come as a shock to many professed Christians that there is no compromise between evolution and creation.  The Bible is clear.  God created everything in six days.  The atheists are clear in their Humanist Manifesto II that their religion is based on evolution and a clear denial of God.

While we can believe whatever we wish, where does the truth lie?   (You won't find it in most school books or scientific literature).  First of all both Creation and evolution are beliefs of how life started and progressed.  Since whichever is true happened at least thousands of years ago and before recorded history, we will never be able to prove either.  But what we can do is discover present scientific evidence that may tend to support or possibly deny one or the other. Unfortunately nearly all evidence that tends to support Creation or deny evolution is censored from biology books and scientific literature.

Evolution is a word with a double meaning and this is used by the evolutionists in their intentional deceit and false propaganda.  It is critical to know whether you are referring to micro-evolution or macro-evolution.  Micro-evolution is the minor changes within a species such as different color skin, hair, eyes, and includes all variations that preexisted in at least one of the parents.  Everyone believes in micro-evolution and it is always subtractive.  Which means you can breed features and minor differences out of a species but you can never breed new features into a species.

Macro-evolution is a change in a species involving some characteristic improvement that was not present in either parent.  This is what would be necessary millions of times for the alleged monkey to human evolution to be true.  But guess what the record shows?  Not a single example of macro-evolution has been revealed in all of recorded history.  Nearly all biology books and evolutionists give obvious examples of micro-evolution and then claim "evolution" has been proven.  It would be a joke if it weren't so serious.

No, we didn't come from apes and parents would be wise to check their kids school books to see they don't fall for this atheist propaganda.  A return to God's required moral values would end nearly all the problems facing our society today.

William E. Nowers

 Follow the money

Why is it so difficult for Republicans to follow Republican principles? These days, it seems that instead of fighting for tax cuts, they defend taxes because they consider the money to be too insignificant to return to the public.  Of course, Democrats are no different when it comes to spending other people's money, particularly in order to grease the wheels for their own reelection.

Maybe, if elected office wasn't considered a "career", we could attract people whose judgments are not based on maintaining their status quo.  I'm sure that our elected officials could get a lot more of the people's work done if they didn't have to worry about chasing around for PAC money.

It's an idea whose time has come - career politicians are arguably America's Achilles' heel.  Term limits imposed at every level of local, state and federal government would breath fresh life into our democracy and relieve the appearance of corruption that seems to have permeated our current system.  

Martha Dudley, Editor

 Thought for the day

"Whenever demagogues propose Utopia, look for the force content of the plan:  You will always find that it involves the surrender of one or more personal liberties."
                            Fred G. Clark, Richard S. Rimanoczy

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