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       J. Dori Callahan

The Wooden Clone
The political jargon fills the air,
with little truth and lots of flair.
Gore panders in drug stores to the seniors,
and collects funds from the money-lenders.
He talks about helping the poor and disabled,
while stationing himself at the monied table.
Al flaps his arms, while flicking his tongue,
Misleading the old and killing the young.
Long-tongued licking his wife, to prove he is human.
His theatrical contortions dishonoring men like Harry Truman.
Gore spreads lying garbage, a lesson from Willie.
He gleaned his strategy at the feet of Cheap Billie.
Clinton taught him to lie, to cheat and steal.
This pretend man, at the Democrat wheel.
The smell is rising from this liberal punster,
We must beware of this Clinton cloned  monster.
Gore has no thought in his wooden head,
And cannot remember the words he said.
A puppet he was, and a puppet he is.
Gore has no substance he is nothing but fizz.
He does not think, he does not ponder.
Gore is simply a Clinton carved  wonder.
He drags out Clinton’s neglected words,
Placing them before the blinded herd.
Tossing like rose petals, promises of medical care,
Without one plan as to how to get there.
Dressed in his casuals, attempting to hide.
The Clinton clone hidden deeply inside.
Beware of the Algorism,  beneath the skin
there is nothing but sawdust hidden within.

 J. Dori Callahan

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