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Archives               Volume 1  No. 8          October 2000
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Compassionate Conservatives
Vote 1002
Where is Freedom

 Compassionate Conservatives
Governor George W. Bush has been criticized for identifying himself as a compassionate conservative.  The left wing liberals in all their dumbed down splendor claim one can't be both  conservative and compassionate.   In reality a  true conservative is compassionate and the words are redundant.                                                             
True conservatives are always compassionate but also recognize that welfare is both legally and morally a voluntary effort that is to be handled through churches and local government.  The liberals are quick to use the power of government, through dumbed down citizens to take money from some  to give to others.  They are not so quick to give their own money.  A few years ago Vice President Gore was reported to have donated almost nothing to charitable organizations.                                                               
Thanks to our disastrous education system few people know that this nation was founded as a constitutional republic and a nation under God.  The Constitution, which  is really a contract between the citizens of this nation and the governing agencies, clearly establishes what authority has been granted to the various branches of government.  Also included in this contract is the clear acknowledgement that some rights come from God and cannot be infringed by any government.                                          
What should the federal government do as far as welfare is concerned? Absolutely nothing.  Liberals would cry out at this response but the issue is not a compassionate one but a legal one.  The Constitution clearly gives no authority to the federal government to take money by force from some citizens to give to others. Again, welfare is the responsibility of the local churches or local government.  
How about education?   Similarly The federal government has no constitutional authority to be involved in education.  It clearly falls on the states and local governments.  But what about the welfare clause in the preamble of the Constitution, " promote the general welfare..."?   If this were to be controlling and override the specific limitations placed on the federal government by the 10th amendment then we no longer have a limited but a totalitarian government.  
The real tragedy is that the average citizen is so uninformed as to how this government was established that even the Republicans, long known for their opposition to big government and more taxes are forced to compromise their views or appear to the uninformed as being extremists.  Republicans oppose a national education establishment, yet they vote to fund it every year.  They oppose the obscenities of the National Endowment of the Arts, yet they vote to fund it every year.   They claim to be pro life but don't really object to the legalization of  RU-486, a pill whose only purpose is to kill unborn babies. And there is no clear statement to appoint only pro life judges to the courts but to appoint only those that support the Constitution.  With the Chinese logic used in our present judicial system, that could mean anything.   
Let us hope and pray that the future presiden, George W. Bush, will lead the Republican party and the nation back to the real compassionate conservative standards.
William E. Nowers
 Your Vote Critical!

It is essential that George W. Bush be elected President, George Allen  be elected Senator, and Eric Cantor be elected to Congress on November 8.
November 8's election is the latest battle in the war for the soul of  civilization.  The ideals of virtuous and personal freedom and prosperity  -  versus soul destroying totalitarian slavery -   are at stake.  The Western  World will collapse if our "American Experiment" falls to the totalitarians.
As Rome fell, rotten inside and threatened by Barbarians from without, we  too are threatened.  Even now the gathering hordes plot our demise, as the  Democrat Party for the past eight years has disgraced the country in ways  unthinkable only a generation ago.  Clinton's lackey, Al Gore would hasten  our destruction by following his masters, Bill and Hillary, to a one-world  pagan dictatorship where human beings are mere tools- to be used and  discarded.
"Algore" learned his trade growing up in the penthouse of a Washington  hotel, dining with power brokers.  His outrageous lies, "I invented the  Internet",  that his mother sang a lullaby "Look for the Union Label" to  him when he was 27, and his dealing in foreign illegal campaign contributions are well known; his meeting secretly with the Russian Mafia  and the Chinese Warlords to plot world domination is not.  Nor is Al Gore's  connection (through his father), Senator Al Gore, Sr.,  with Armand Hammer  (friend of Stalin) or with the Russian Mafia.  And not well known is the  money he gets from Hammer's Occidental Petroleum or his selling of our oil  reserves to our enemies.
His book "Earth in the Balance" shows him to be as unbalanced as the  Unabomber  --  who read it avidly.  Algore's vision of earth is one of world  wide totalitarian dictatorship, run by a special guardian class, over fewer  people living under primitive conditions.  Too stupid to live our own lives,  make our own decisions, and too evil to be kind to each other or nature,  many should die off to give nature a "fair chance."
Our world does indeed "hang in the balance" between ordered liberty and  totalitarian slavery.
Republicans like Governor Bush, Governor Allen, and Eric Cantor do see you  as having common sense and the moral capability of doing right by yourselves  and your neighbors. Government is there as only an aid - not as your master.  Taxes must be lowered and families freed from onerous regulation in order to  restore our liberty.   American sovereignty must be bolstered - not sold out  to our enemies.  And moral dignity must be restored. Republicans now work  tirelessly to protect life, and have curbed some of the more treasonous  excesses of the current administration.   But you must back them in this  election to push back the totalitarian tide.
Governor George W. Bush was a successful business man who, like George Allen  became a good governor of a prominent state.   Eric Cantor has served with  distinction as a Delegate.   George W. Bush, George Allen,  and Eric Cantor have the vision and the leadership to lead us into a  brighter future.
Michael H. Smith
 Where is Freedom
Today the nation is in a great controversy over prayer in school.   No longer can teachers lead the students in a prayer and requesting others to stand quietly by as others pray  has somehow become an obstacle to overcome.     
Past generations grew up in an environment where people respected religious principles and values regardless of personal choice.  They  were not offended to remain silent while others prayed.   As children they stood for morning prayers and quoted the Pledge of Allegiance in pride because children were then taught to be proud of their country.   And when the need arose, this  same generation diligently went  to battle  to fight for these privileges..        
The current generation finds that the mention of Gods name in the Pledge of Allegiance violates the Bill of Rights and to bow ones head in silent prayer becomes a Federal matter.   Supposedly this awful breach offends those that have no faith at all.         
Children are allowed to dress revealing, wear borderline obscene screened shirts to school, plant rings in their tongues, lips, cheeks  and noses while displaying  ringed navels all in the name of freedom.   Yet to for those of faith to bow their heads in silent prayer is a prohibited action.      
Anything and everything is acceptable to display on the television and in movie theaters, but praying is "offensive".     
No official mentions morality when a pregnant teen is elected Prom Queen  and the unwed father is honored as King.   It is not politically correct to question morality or right from wrong. However, it is perfectly acceptable to question such things as silent prayer in that same school environment.      
On the current liberal scene, it is not right to form judgements or question the actions of children scarcely old enough to remember when to put out the garbage.   (Sorry, I forget myself.  Children no longer can be told to take out the garbage without questions about child abuse.)
While the grotesque act of tossing an aborted fetus in the garbage and dancing away the rest of the evening, or hiding a newborn under a rug in the garage is waved away as if nothing is amiss . . . but don't dare pray.     
Educational organizations can teach about evolution, witchcraft, and sorcery, while the courts swing into action when people of faith wordlessly bow their heads in the classrooms.     
Horror of all horrors, to have words like Thou shall not lie, cheat, steal or murder become so offensive it can no longer be tolerated In public halls.   Someone just might see them and think possibly he is doing something wrong.   And to cause a person to think is such an infringement on freedom!   Teachers must be careful not to teach students to think or use good judgement in fear of reprisals or condemnation by parents and the news media.     
The warriors and heroes of years past helped create and enforce laws to protect people from tyranny and oppression.   It is difficult to conceive that past brave countrymen offered up their lives to enable the word freedom to cover the enslavement of people of faith,  or to establish specific "freedoms of choice"  that allow the destruction of the unborn.       
In a world where everything is acceptable, prayer is not.  And they say it's in the name of freedom.         
J. Dori Callahan

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