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Considering evil is not a moral choice
Pro-choice advocates who claim that pro-choice isn't pro-abortion are long on rhetoric but short on logic, common sense and knowledge. They often claim that they don't know anyone who is truly pro-abortion. I would suggest that he look into the activities of planned parenthood that is the leader of a multi million dollar abortion industry and the many doctors, admittedly the dregs of the profession, that make a very lucrative living killing unborn children. They don't want abortions ended.
The argument that we can disagree with someone's views yet accept their right to hold those views falls short in the logic area. In matters concerning deeply held Christian moral values (that this nation was founded on) there is no choice available. We cannot choose to kill a child because he has become a problem. We can no more choose to own a slave. We can not choose to steal a neighbor's car, his child or his wife. All these actions are evil and immoral and to consider a choice available is also evil.
When Sen. McCain was asked what he would do if his teen age daughter became pregnant, after quibbling somewhat he stated it would be a family decision. Mr. Alan Keyes had the correct response; there is no choice to be made. Considering evil is not an available choice.
Suppose your son suggested that you kill his grandparents to get your inheritance early. Would you say that is a family decision? Or would you say, absolutely not, that is not an available choice.
There are, unfortunately, many people that truly believe they can be pro-choice but not pro-abortion. But there is no middle ground in the sanctity of human life. You are either opposed to killing unborn babies or you are not. It is false logic to think you do not support abortions when you look the other way under the false issue of choice. Isn't this like saying their blood is not on my hands ?
It is a sad commentary on this once Christian nation and a constitutional Republic that we let a Supreme Court violate both the constitution and our moral values in their Roe v Wade decision that was based primarily on the ridiculous statement that they didn't know when human life begins. Any citizen with a smidgen of intelligence knows a new human life begins at conception. To kill an unborn child is, always was, and always will be morally wrong regardless of the opinions of mere mortals.
To believe that abortions may eventually all be eliminated by moderates on both sides defies common sense.  There is no such thing as moderation in a moral issue.  What is the moderate position on slavery or murder?  Abortion is evil and will be ended when all evil is ended.
Not likely in the life time of this Earth. We can only recognize that it is evil, condemn it, and return at least partially to the moral values this nation was founded on.
William E. Nowers

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