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CCN Archives 2000

Volume 1  No. 1          March 2000

Keyes understands conservatism

Something is rotten in the county of Culpeper

No need to fear informed consent

Volume 1  No. 2          April 2000

Politically correct propaganda is not supported by evidence

Follow the money

Thought for the day

Volume 1  No. 3          May 2000

It's time for Republicans to become conservative again

Conservatives shrugged

Restore justice in the park

Volume 1  No. 4          June 2000

Christian, Republican or both?

"SOL's Smart, Schools Dumb?"

How did so many people lose their logic?

Volume 1  No. 5          July 2000

Never count your vote out
The Primary charade in Virginia

Fixing a Healthcare problem or creating one?

Volume 1  No. 6          August 2000

Official government worship

Junk science loses influence

Only the absurd is acceptable

Volume 1  No. 7          September 2000

Poverty guidelines were not intended to become the official government measurement of poverty

Whose man were you, Al Gore?

Time to end the drug war?

Volume 1  No. 8          October 2000
Compassionate Conservatives
Vote 1002
Where is Freedom

Volume 1  No. 9          November 2000
Throwing stones at a fool

The past seven years

Here comes the judge!

Presidential debates

Volume 1  No. 10          December 2000
The law is what the judges say it is
The Florida Fracas
The Gore Song
Signs of the times
Photos:  Supreme Court Rally for George Bush
 Christmacide: The Autopsy of a Dying Holiday
 Scrooge Elementary

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