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William E. Nowers   William E. Nowers

William (Bill) Nowers was born in Illinois and spent his childhood in Waukesha Wisconsin.  He and his wife Millie  reside  at Lake of the Woods, Virginia.  They celebrated their  50th anniversary in March 1999.  They have six children and nine grandchildren.

Bill joined the Navy while in High School during World War II and spent thirty years as a carrier Naval Aviator.  

Some of his key duty stations included several carrier cruises, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at Northwestern University, Commanding Officer of Heavy Photographic Squadron 62, Operations Officer on the USS Independence, and Director of the Crew Systems Division of the Naval Air Systems Command in Washington DC where he retired as a Captain in 1973.

Following retirement Bill followed one of his main hobbies and started a construction company building speculative homes, custom homes and doing home improvement work.  After twenty years Nowers Home Construction Inc. was turned over to his son Jim who is continuing the work in the Virginia Beach area.

Bill became active in various Christian volunteer works.  He was involved in several "Operation Rescue" efforts before it became a federal offense to be an active Christian.  As an active member of an Independent Baptist Church he was involved with many building and construction projects on a volunteer basis.

Bill was involved with establishing a moral concerns ministry in the Capital Baptist Church in Annandale and later established the Fairfax County Chapter of the American Family Association, becoming its first Director.

He became interested in the Creation-Evolution controversy, becoming knowledgeable in the true facts through considerable books and videos which he has collected and studied.  He taught a series on Creation
during Sunday evening church services.  He instigated a challenge and brought charges against a Fairfax County High School Biology textbook
for its anti-Christian presentations.

Bill was a member of the Fairfax City Republican Committee for
several years and was one of the leaders in trying to bring a pro-life
majority in the city committee then dominated by Jane Woods and
her friends.

Bill has been a member of the John Birch Society for many years
and is a life time member.  He started the local John Birch Chapter in
Fairfax in 1989.  He has written and had published many letters to the
Editor in local papers and occasionally in national magazines.  His
subjects have always been on moral values, creation, or constitutional

Since moving to Lake of the Woods in September 1999, Bill and his
wife Millie have continued their interest in local political and Christian activities.

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