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May 2001     January 2001

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A Republican Government?

The real danger in America

Stand and be counted

Operation Ashcroft: The Battle of Worldviews Behind the Confirmation Debate

Maryland Commentary:  Thy Websurfer's keeper

Book Review:  Back to Basics for the Republican Party

 A Republican Government?

The recent election fiasco in Florida brought out many minor issues nearly all created by a liberal dominated media and a politically corrupt Florida Supreme Court while the major issues that followed were disguised.  The real goal was to cast doubt on the legitimacy and to weaken the presidency of George W. Bush.

The Florida fiasco was a mole hill turned into a mountain by the first ruling of the Florida Supreme Court.  The doney brook ended only after the U.S. Supreme Court twice chastised the Florida Court for exceeding its judicial authority.  As an aside it is ironic that the U.S. court, well known for its judicial activism should accuse the Florida Court of doing the same. Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

A very few real conservatives held out for a third party claiming George W. was merely the lesser of two evils.  But most conservative pro-family and pro-life advocates led by the Christian Coalition, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and James Dobson all firmly supported the president-elect.  The real question is will President George W. Bush return this nation to basic moral values and a constitutional government that recognizes the 10th Amendment, a limited federal government and less government interference in our daily lives?  Or, as some have said, is the difference between the two parties minuscule and are Republicans only leading the nation to destruction slower than our democratic counterparts?

President-elect George W. used the words "compassionate  conservative".  All conservatives are compassionate but with their own money.  The liberals are compassionate in taking money by force of government from some to give to others.

One faction of the Republican Party wants George W. to reach out to the democrats practice moderation, heal the nation and as George W. himself said "be a uniter".  This is the cry of the liberal press and the losers who still think either George W. did not win the election or if he did it was such a narrow margin that he will be a weak president.  House speaker Dennis Hastert's chief of staff is promoting moderate Republicans for chairmanships over real conservatives Henry Hyde and Phil Crane.  The appointment of New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman to a cabinet post was most troubling and an insult to pro-life supporters.  She is the most activist pro-abortion person using the republican name, even supporting partial birth abortion.  A true conservative would not appoint such a person as dog catcher.

All the above and the selection of many of his fathers old aides show signs of George W. being a weak president, a one term president and a disaster for the republicans in 2002. What he should do is recognize that he is the president in every respect. He should lead not by determining which way the crowd is going and then getting in front, but by knowing what is right and aggressively proceeding in that direction while educating the country. Lead the country by forceful use of his bully pulpit. Start by canceling all of President Clinton's executive orders issued within the last 60 days and consider more. Stop all funding for the legal services (welfare for lawyers) . Work towards eliminating the education department.  Education is a state responsibility under the Constitution.  Eliminate all funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.  Artists need no more public funding than carpenters or plumbers.

And abortion should be ended in every way possible.  It is a moral calamity on the nation illegally permitted by an atheist Supreme Court. President-elect George W. could do much to work towards this end by educating the people.  Pro-choice is really double speak for pro-abortion.  While the Supreme Court stated they couldn't say when life begins, every person above the level of idiot or biased liberal knows that a new life begins at conception. With executive orders George W. could do much to oppose abortions.

It will be interesting to see whether George W. will be a true leader, leading to future conservative Republican gains or, as much evidence indicates, merely an interruption in the nation's slide into the morass of a one world, immoral and socialist government.  Pray for him.

William E. Nowers


 Stand and be counted

Most of the conservatives in the United States watched the election events in Florida with heart stopping agony.  What a supreme example of liberalism at its worst and now Republicans are lessening the win with words of compromise.
For weeks on end viewers were forced to listen to liberal newscasters spouting slightly  veiled attempts toward swaying the election to Al Gore.  Even today, despite the fact that George Bush is the official President Elect, liberals still cling to the idea that Gore was suppose to win.  And if conservatives are not watchful and less forgiving, the liberals will taint this Presidency before it begins.
Liberals are good at labeling and creating whisper campaigns that are almost impossible to cover or change. In fact, lying is what they do best. In example, in the beginning of the election the Democratic party established the lie that George Bush was unqualified as a Presidential candidate by using the proven  theory of repeating a lie long enough until it becomes believable (or true in the eyes of the public).  
Across the nation, on every media talk show liberals repetitiously quoted  the lies referring to now President elect Bush’s  qualifications and intelligence.  And even now, with the Presidency in his grasp, George Bush is forced to undo the damage caused by the lies of that liberal political ploy.  He will have to win this election every day he holds office and the conservatives of the nation will have to defend him daily as well.    Not because he is not qualified or intelligent, but because the liberals base their political strategy effectively on deceit and lies.
The  Clinton administration prospered by lying and deceiving the people while  God-fearing Americans hid their heads in the sand and did nothing...all in the name of a good  economy.
If Samuel Adams’ statement, “If you love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.  We ask not your counsels or arms.  Crouch down and lick the hands which feeds you.  May your chains set lightly upon you and may posterity forget you were our countrymen,” makes your temperature rise a shade, it could be that you are one of those conservatives who should be pulling their heads out of the sand.  
Picturing the way the votes were so evenly divided during the Presidential election, it’s easy to see that America is a divided country.  Although, all we hear in the news is bipartisanship and playing nice, it is impossible for this  country to reach across political boundaries and compromise, ideals and values are too vast between the two parties.
A true conservative cannot nor will not accept the liberal ideas of today’s Democrat.  In the same spirit, a strict liberal will not accept the conservative views of hard core Republicans.  Neither one can  see or understand the view of the other.  Like the colors of black and white, the two parties are diametrically opposed.  And in an attempt to mix the two together, all that is accomplished is a weakened  shade of gray neither Party can accept or tolerate.
For eight years America watched as watered-down Republicans stretched out the olive branch to the Democrat Party and witnessed the cancer of liberalization sweep  the nation.  It is time for Republicans to acknowledge that the only compromise the  Democratic Party accepts is the liberal way.  
In this writer’s humble opinion, conservatives have compromised too much already and lost too many freedoms by doing so.  It is now time for those who believe in the ideals of our forefathers to stand up and be counted.  God does not compromise His values  and neither should Republicans.              

J. Dori Callahan


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 The real danger in America

So, I guess it is time for more gun control.  First of all, let me state that I did not do it -- you know -- kill those seven people in that software firm in Massachusetts.  I did not kill JFK either.

But I am blamed by liberals for both sets of deaths -- and the deaths of thousands in between.  I, not that violent fool who actually pulled the trigger on seven co-workers in that Massachusetts office, am guilty.  You see, I am a law abiding gun owner, a pro-life Republican, a conservative, a Southern patriot, a serious Christian, and a white male who believes in the free market, Constitution -- especially the Second Amendment. And individual responsibility.

All of that makes all of these murders my fault-- at least in the minds of gun control liberals. I am perceived as a danger to them much as they actually are a danger to me.  I, along with millions of peaceful law-abiding normal citizens who only want to protect themselves from fools liberals love to protect, am the enemy. According to liberals, our membership in "bad" groups, groups which share Christian beliefs, European ancestry, and so forth, have caused all of these violent guns to go roaming about the countryside looking for victims. No one is individually guilty of anything.

But I refuse to accept that. This man, this violent fool, did it.  It was not the bum rap life somehow handed to him. It was not caused by the "mean spiritedness" of us conservatives who threaten the liberal dream of a socialist, immoral America.  Not even the IRS..

In spite of some of the tightest anti gun laws in the nation, guns just found themselves in the hands of this poor fellow, Mr. McDermott (not his real name) who shot fellow employees who were in no way his enemy.  (Note well that victims of nut-cases are almost never even the supposed sources of the murderer's troubles.)  So the governor calls for ever tighter, national, gun laws.

How can liberals be so stupid?  How can they not know the wealth of information, such as John R. Lott's "More Guns, Less Crime" and many other studies that prove that the more guns in private hands the lower the crime rate? For liberal leaders, like the governor of Massachusetts, they know that they need for us to be disarmed in order to expand their power -- that the real aim of the Second Amendment was as a last resort to protect ourselves from tyrants like these liberals.  The rank and file liberals are just plain stupid. It is they, liberals leaders and the fools who support and feed on them, who are the real danger in America.

Conservatives love everybody and simply want to convert them, liberals hate and want to destroy us.  We are in their way towards total power.  This is why we cannot ever get along, why efforts at "bipartisanship" are phony and destructive.  Our America is not their America.  They are the masters of and owe their power to their own "protected" victim groups like the crazies and worthless bums who inhabit the great liberal cities, groups they can trot out from the "asylums" when extra votes or violent demonstrations are needed.

So we must press our Republican leaders to disempower liberals any way they can -- including a roll-back of unconstitutional gun laws, refusing to give in the usual screaming demands for more control over our lives.

In the meantime, we could employ liberalism itself to protect ourselves from such "victim" groups:  Refuse to hire (or allow into our neighborhoods) people from Massachusetts, software engineers with weird looking hair and beards, those who have changed their last names, anybody described as a "loner," anyone who acts "funny" or "scary."  And most of all, liberals.

Better yet, take an NRA firearms course, get a concealed carry permit and wear a large revolver at all times. You'll be amazed at the new confidence you will feel -- even around low-lifes, nut cases -- and liberals.  And stay away from the half-of-America that does not honor our God-given and constitution respected right to protect ourselves.

Michael H. Smith


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