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  Carolyn Wray

Carolyn is a native of the great state of Virginia.  She was born in
Alexandria, Virginia.  She and her husband Boyce celebrated 50 years of marriage in September 1999.  They have four children: Three daughters, Joan, Donna and Nancy, and one son, Robert.  

Boyce and Carolyn moved to Lake of the Woods in Orange County, Virginia in 1986.  Carolyn commuted to the Pentagon until 1990 when she retired from the federal government with 30 years service.  Since that time she has been very active in republican politics.  She was a member of the Dominion Republican Women's Club (later Spotsylvania RWC) where she was their president in 1994-95.

She helped organize the Susan Allen RWC in Orange County in 1996 with 50 charter members, and was their charter president.  Carolyn was a member of the Susan Allen First Ladies Advisory Council and spent many hours doing volunteer work at the Executive Mansion.

She was also appointed by Governor Allen in 1996 to the Citizens Advisory Council for Interpreting and Furnishing the Executive Mansion and will continue on the council until 2001.  This has been an interesting time to serve, as the renovation was started and completed during this time. She was recently there attending the CAC meeting and says that it is just beautiful.  Carolyn encourages others to take a tour of the Mansion, if given the opportunity.

Carolyn is a member of the Orange County Republican
Committee.  She is very active in many campaigns and enjoys the political work very much.  She is sometimes labeled a political activist and does not mind that at all.

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