Michael H. Smith     

Former delegate mislabeled

In Bob Gibson's "Political Notebook" of  May 30, 2000 he calls former
delegate John "Butch" Davies a "moderate to conservative Democrat."

How can Mr. Gibson call Mr. Davies, who voted in his last session against House Bill 749 subjecting abortion clinics to the same health safety standards as other medical facilities, a "moderate?"  What is conservative about voting for HJB 243 which lays the groundwork for "school to work" in which multinational corporations determine curricula for all students?  How is it moderate to support HB 303's forcing local school districts to hire guidance counselors over reading specialists -- when they lack the resources to employ both?  Likewise, what is conservative about voting for HB478 forcing sex education upon children across they state?  And how is it moderate to oppose a proposal to reverse some of the easy divorce damage done by fellow liberals, the covenant marriage bill HR 2736?

What is conservative about opposing the popular car tax repeal, HB 719?  And finally, how does a moderate vote to add a layer of bureaucracy and more spending to the school system by supporting SB168 the Virginia Business Education Partnership?  True, Mr. Davies was not as liberal as some Democrats but to call him "moderate to conservative" is absurd.

Michael H. Smith

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