Michael H. Smith     

Targets of the left

RICO persecutions of Republican conservatives reminds me of when I inadvertently accused a liberal of being a traitor.  Upon reflection I
corrected my apology.  She really was a traitor-to all I believed our nation stood for.  But wait a minute.  I was a traitor to everything she believed the nation stood for.  And her belief system is now dominant.

If we are faithful conservatives we are all traitors to the "New America" that liberals believe in.  RICO prosecutions are the least of our worries.  Expect to be tried for treason. For, after all that is what all of this is really about.  We are now aliens inside our own former nation.  Liberals, within and without the Republican Party, have taken it over. That Tom DeLay is a rarity on Capitol Hill - still a real conservative - makes him and a few others "legitimate" targets of the left's wrath. Will now most "republicrats" distance themselves from him and conservative groups?

Will this RICO suit be the beginning of the end of the Republicrat Party?  Will a new Conservative Party rise from its ashes?  Is it too late-most of the public now having been converted by liberals to state worship-to settle the future of America politically?  Or can the Republican Party somehow be saved?  Is this Kennedy/Clinton-esque RICO thing a wake up call to those squishy-but-decent Republicans to get some spine and stop their retreat?

Can the Party be saved?  Will it be the instrument of turning the nation around?  You folks in DC have the answer in your hands.

Michael H. Smith

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